Maytag 92

My Engine Won't Start!

Help me, my engine won't start! That is a VERY common question we get on the phone.  If your working on a Maytag the first thing we ALWAYS check is your coil, more on that in another post.

But if you have checked your coil and you have good spark then I bet your engine is flooded.  Do you have gas leaking any where or fuel coming out the exhaust port? YES? Then it is flooded.  Turn the needle valve OFF on the carb if its a model 92 or OPEN the air cap several turns if you have a 72 and kick it about 10 times to clear the fuel.  Remove and dry the spark plug(s). Then try to start it again with the fuel STILL off.  Many engines will now start or fire a few times on some still remaining fuel.  If it does, slowly open the needle (92) or start to close the air cap (72) and it should continue to run.  Otherwise if it doesnt fire do the same thing. Open the adjust it a little then try a couple of kicks.  Then adjust a little more, so one and so forth till it starts. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and someone will be glad to help you!

Checking a Model 92 Coil and Set Timing

When getting your engine to run, the VERY first thing to check is the coil.  With out a good coil your engine will not run.  In the video below I explain how to test you coil with an OHM meter. Then pull the flywheel to clean the points and set the timing.  Lots of good info.  Any questions just give us a call.

Maytag 92 Carb Settings

Everyone asks us how the carb needle should be set on a single cylinder model 92 engine.  The needle valve is a fuel adjustment, NOT a choke.  Closed should shut the fuel off and kill the engine and open should be one half turn open from closed.  To set it, remove the small nut that holds the brass handle/pointer on the end. Turn the needle valve in gently till it bottoms out.  Then reinstall the lever with it pointing to the closed position.  Now you can turn it to the open position as marked on the casting below and your engine should run.  Some engines like to run with the needle open half way or 3/4.  Each engine will vary a little.  Just fine tune it to the sound and how it runs best, but this is a good starting point.  Becareful when removign the carb as its very easy to open the needle valve with out knowing it.  When you install the carb make sure the needle is in the closed position and not a turn open or it will flood when you try and start it.

Maytag 92 Carb Seat Removal

Maytag 92 Coil and Condenser Connections

Below shows a clean and simple way to connect the coil and condenser to the points. Check the routing to make sure the flywheel doesn't grab the wire when spinning the engine over.

Maytag Check Valves, New & Old Styles

Left shows early style check valve with screen around it, used on Uprights, 82's and early 92's.

Middle shows same early check valve with screen removed. Note location of holes in side wall of check valve. This style of check valve uses small brass ball inside.

Right side shows later style check valve, used on most 92's and all 72's. Comes apart in the middle for cleaning and has a flat D shaped disk instead of the ball. Can use on any model. Note suction hole is in very bottom.