Maytag 72

My Engine Won't Start!

Help me, my engine won't start! That is a VERY common question we get on the phone.  If your working on a Maytag the first thing we ALWAYS check is your coil, more on that in another post.

But if you have checked your coil and you have good spark then I bet your engine is flooded.  Do you have gas leaking any where or fuel coming out the exhaust port? YES? Then it is flooded.  Turn the needle valve OFF on the carb if its a model 92 or OPEN the air cap several turns if you have a 72 and kick it about 10 times to clear the fuel.  Remove and dry the spark plug(s). Then try to start it again with the fuel STILL off.  Many engines will now start or fire a few times on some still remaining fuel.  If it does, slowly open the needle (92) or start to close the air cap (72) and it should continue to run.  Otherwise if it doesnt fire do the same thing. Open the adjust it a little then try a couple of kicks.  Then adjust a little more, so one and so forth till it starts. If you have any questions feel free to contact us and someone will be glad to help you!

Remove 72 Fuel Jet

Watch the video to show you how to simply remove the fuel jet on a Maytag 72 and then replace the parts in the check valve.

​If you have further questions feel free to contact us.

New 72 Maytag Twin Wico Coil

Here is a diagram that should help when installing the new coil, points

and condenser for the Wico mag on the Maytag 72.  I use a small 10/32

machine screw to make the connections of the coil wire, points and 

condenser.  If you have further questions feel free to contact us

Adjusting 72 Twin Governor